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Finding Linear Equations

Determining Quadratic Equations

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Unit 1

Graphs, Trigonometry and Probability

In this unit students study the relationships between variable quantities and how their functions can be applied to graphs. Trigonometry starts with the consideration of the unit circle and how degrees, radians and graphical representations of trigonemetric functions are related. The fundamentals of probability are introduced which includes the concepts of conditional probability and independence.

Unit 2

Exponential Functions; Sequences and Series; and Differential Calculus

Students identify and use the core properties of exponential functions and their graphs. Geometric sequences are examined which includes assessing recursive definitions. The concept of a derivative being the instantaneous rate of change is introduced and students work with derivatives quantitatively, graphically and algebraically. Derivative work is applied contextually to solving equations of tangents, calculation of instantaneous velocities and optimisation.